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Our LED spotlights are the solution to your need for a direct light beam. Can you believe it? Here are some examples of where you could use them...

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    The LED MINI GU10 (or MR11) spotlight bulb is smaller than the normal bulb GU10.You can use it to light up your wardrobes (no more excuses for the mess), to illuminate your cupboards (and all those marvellous knick knacks you purchased on your last trip) or even as a reading light (no more drifting off as soon as you open your book).The LED MINI GU10...
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    Written GU1d0 but pronounced GU1d0, it is a mini spotlight for directional LED light that allows you to illuminate with an approximately 260-lumen directional beam light the bedside table when reading, your child's homework (when he eventually decides to do it), in short, any point where you need a direct and circumscribed beam of light (of about 36°)....
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