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Cablò: when creative upcycling meets design

Here at Creative-Cables we always strive for the best, both for our customers and our planet. Cablò is a perfect representation of that: a support made from recycled plastic that adapts to any suspension and lamp holder, turning a simple accessory into a floating piece of art.

A recycling fairytale

Once upon a time, an ambitious scrap of plastic dreamt of a glamorous new life in the spotlight. Then, an epiphany: in a few years recycled plastic will be the only viable option to transition to a circular economy, so go big or go home right? Along his path he met seven fabric cable cutouts that had escaped manufacturing and disposal. That’s when Fabrizio Alessio, designer and creator of Cablò, stepped in! A Creative-Cables patented support in recycled plastic was born, to make lampshades from leftover fabric cable pieces. And they all lived sustainably ever after!

Your new lamp in 4 simple steps

One kit, endless possibilities

You’re at a crossroad: you bought one too many cables, you don’t want to throw it out but you don’t want it taking up space in a drawer… We have the perfect solution! Any original Creative-Cables 2x and 3x fabric cable that is at least 50cm long can become a Cablò component. Pick out your kit, available in the black or multicolour version, and use it to create your fully customisable lamp. What’s more, by using different combinations you will achieve many different shapes and weaves.

Green state of mind

Don’t have cables to recycle? You can still switch up your suspension lamp with Cablò compositions (pre-assembled by our team). A combination of different fabric cable segments, in countless colours and lengths, to weave freely or by following our tips. All you need is a lamp without lampshade to jazz up thanks to this simple, cost-effective trick. Bright and neon colours or darker, deeper tones? It’s up to you!

Give way to creativity in our stores

In our stores you’ll find a box with countless fabric cable parts, in any colour and finish imaginable. Fly to the moon with our glimmering Cablò, or skip in a flowery field with our bright neon cables. In every Creative-Cables store you will find a vast selection of cable samples, dreaming of a second life!

Fabrizio Alessio

Designer, Maker and Knowhower from Turin, an eager Gyro Gearloose fan as a kid, whose stories inspired him even in his adult life: thanks to his volunteering for disabled people he came up with TooWheels, a DIY wheelchair. This invention won him the Young Design Compasso d’Oro Award (one of the most prestigious prizes in the field) when he was only 30 years old. Through his collaboration with Creative-Cables, iconic projects like Taché and the newest addition Cablò were born. His main focus on raw material can be seen as a central theme in his works.

Fabrizio Alessio

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