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Make the smart choice with smart lighting!

Our mission here at Creative-Cables is to make your life easier one light at a time. Give way to your “smart-home” now with our Wi-Fi lightbulbs, roses and lamps, which are perfect in any setting and easy to install.

Why choose us?

Ultimate comfort in any room and any occasion.

Cosied up on the sofa and don’t want to get up? Dim the lighting as many times as you want with a simple hand gesture.

Increased security when you’re away.

Smart lighting is a simple, effective way to drive away potential burglars; make everyone think you’re home by turning the lights on at any preferred moment or by planning it in advance

Save power (and money).

We’ve all been there: leaving the house in a hurry and forgetting to switch off a few lights here and there. Now you’ll be able to check through the app on your phone, and turn off any light remotely.

Where to begin?

All you’ll need for a smart lighting system is a wireless network. Effortlessly connect each device directly or through designated apps or protocols. Our products (like lightbulbs and roses) can be managed on the Smart Life app (App Store / Play Store).Download the app, follow the instructions and enter the portal to the Smart-World.

Picture this: you’re on the sofa watching a movie under a warm blanket, dimming the lamp from your phone; or you’re carrying a mug of steaming hot tea from the kitchen to the living room and avoid tripping by turning the light on through voice command.

Make your life easier with our wifi lamps and lightbulbs, handle them remotely through the app on your phone or thanks to smart appliances like Alexa or Google home. You won’t need a switch anymore, just your voice and an internet connection. Endless possibilities await, even in something as simple as light intensity and colour rendition.

What can be done through smart lighting?

Switch the power on and off as many times as you please, and check on your light status remotely thanks to your smartphone and voice assistance.

Organise your lighting schedule based on your necessities.

Increase or dim light intensity, or adjust the white tones radiating from the lightbulb.

100% Smart Wi-Fi lightbulbs

Strong, natural lighting or soft, warm and suffused? No need to choose! With the Wi-Fi lightbulbs you’ll be able to change your mind on a whim based on the occasion and on your mood. Even better, these Smart lightbulbs are compatible with any kind of lamp, so whether you pick out one or twenty of them you won’t have to intervene in any way on your house’s lighting system.

Smart roses, for your made-to-measure lamp.

Thinking of installing a multiple-fall chandelier but buying 6, 8 or 10 smart lightbulbs seems like a waste? Worse still, did you find the perfect lightbulb, in the shape and colour of your dreams, but it doesn’t come in the Smart version? Don’t worry, our Smart roses have got your back! Set up any lamp that you want and add lightbulbs to your heart’s content. Check out the wide selection of roses on our website or in any Creative-Cables store, and bring home your ideal lamp.

Metal 4-hole ceiling rose

Led Smart Wi-Fi G125

Smart outdoors

Last but not least, our Smart lighting can be used for outdoor spaces like terraces, porches, gardens. How? With EIVA of course! The first outdoor illumination system with IP65 protection degree has now turned Smart. Already extremely practical thanks to its sturdiness and weather resistance, EIVA can now be turned on and off through the app or through voice controls if you’re busy reading, running around with your dog or sunbathing by the pool.

Plug-In Eiva - Smart Wi-Fi

Led Smart Wi-Fi G125