Spider - 3-light multi-pendant Made in Italy lamp featuring fabric cable and metal finishes

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Spider is the unique and charming multiple pendant designed by Creative Cables, that is both functional and decorative at the same time. Our Spiders will help you illuminate your home with a ceiling lamp designed and created in Italy.

The decentralisers provided will allow you to create 3 pendants, one in the middle and two on the sides. Thanks to the various metal finishes available you can match your 3-light pendant Spider to your interior, from the satin metal that is perfect for vintage or industrial-inspired environments to the Matt white which perfectly interprets the Scandinavian style.

The design of the lamp is completed by the Led bulbs: you can choose whether to buy Spider already complete with the bulbs that we have selected for you, or alternatively you can decide which bulb to combine among the E27 Led bulbs of our range in order to find the best fit for your style!

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Spider - 3-light pendant lamp comprises:
Cylinder metal ceiling rose with a centre hole and two side holes:
Diameter: 120 mm.
Hole diameter: 10 mm
3 E27 lamp holders - Max 105W for each lamp holder
3 sections of 2x0.75 cable IMQ-HAR certified.
Length of individual pendants: 220 /120 / 220cm
Cable/finish combinations: RZ04/White, RF15/Black, RX12/Chromed, RN06/Coppered, ERD21/Brass
EC certified.

Bulb for White finish [DL700222]: LED, G155, 6W, 540 Lm, 2700K, E27, A+, width 155mm, height 200mm, dimmable
Bulb for Black finish [CBL700110]: LED, G125, 4W, 470 Lm, 2700K, E27, A+, width 125 mm, height 178 mm, dimmable
Bulb for Chrome finish [ES18E180DGLB]: LED, Egg, 4W, 100 Lm, 2200K, E27, B, width 180mm, height 270mm, dimmable
Bulb for Copper finish [DL700246]: LED, Delo, 6W, 540 Lm, 2700K, E27, A+, width 180 mm, height 195 mm, dimmable
Bulb for Bronze finish [DL700242]: LED, Creta, 6W, 540 Lm, 2700K, E27, A+, width 118mm, height, 130mm, dimmable

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