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GU1d-one flexible lamp without base with mini LED spotlight


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GU1d-one is a lamp without base which provides even more levity to your ideas.
We conceived and designed it as a desk or bedside table lamp, yet due to its 90-cm Flex cable it is so versatile it can be twisted around your bookcase or coiled around your bed frame and make yourself a cosy reading corner.

It is available in 3 ready-to-use versions: with Flex 90 cm Black and mini Gu1d0 Black LED spot, with Flex 90 cm Satin Bronze and mini Gu1d0 Satin Bronze LED spot and with Flex 90 cm Satin Titanium and mini Gu1d0 Satin Titanium LED spot.

To keep it in shape, twist and bend Flex throughout its whole length

It fits only MINI GU10 (o MR11) bulbs

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Technical specifications:
Kit for spotlight in different finishes
Total diameter 45 mm
Total height 75 mm
Flex 90 cm 10 mm diameter in the selected coating
Connection: GU10
Certificate: CE
Creative-Cables round fabric cable in the selected finish: 2 metres total length (of which visible 160 cm from plug to switch + 10 cm from switch to base) 2x0.75, HAR certified
Switch with push-button in selected finish
Plug in the chosen finish: 2-pin EU, 2.5 amp, IMQ certified

Bulb [CAGU10R11]: LED, Mini GU10 (MR11), 110-240V, 3.2W, 260 Lm, 2700K, F, D 34.5 mm ; H 46 mm

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